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Here are some common questions about OMS Dive.


Why do the “No-Lock” inflators on SMB’s come in metal or plastic?

The “No-Lock” inflator can be used two ways. It can be used with a low pressure inflator hose or you can orally inflate it. Metal or plastic inflators can be used in warm water environments. However divers in colder waters, those areas requiring dry suits and gloves, may find orally inflating a metal fitting uncomfortable as it will feel extremely cold on your lips. The plastic tip will
not cause excessive heat transfer

In what position should the triglides on the shoulder straps be placed?
The IQ Backpack and Comfort Harness II use a triglide shoulder strap connection. This is found on the shoulder strap and connected to the waist band. The triglide should NEVER be in front of the divers arm pit. It is designed to pull back and down to help assist in keeping the shoulder straps pulling down and back. Positioning should be as far back as comfortable. This will keep both harness types in the proper position. When the properly selected air cell is inflated the harness will not tighten up.
Is the Chest Strap on the IQ Backpack and Comfort Harness II necessary?
Definitely! The chest strap helps align the shoulder straps straight down the diver’s torso. This allows for freedom of movement. Be cautious not to overtighten the chest strap as it can impair breathing.
Crotch Strap Part I - Why is a Crotch Strap needed?

Crotch straps are for a variety of functions. The strap helps in keep the harness (on all configurations) from riding up while on the surface. When descending or in an inverted position the crotch strap will keep the scuba cylinder from hitting the back of your head. When using a propulsion unit (scooter) it creates a point of attachment for the propulsion unit’s harness. You are
pulled by the harness allowing you to control speed and direction with your hands and arms reducing fatigue. How snug should it be?

Crotch Strap Part II – How tight should a Crotch Strap be?
This can be a rather delicate question to answer. A great friend and tech diver once told us, “The crotch strap should introduce itself to the neighborhood, but not divide it!” We will just leave it at that.
What is the correct way of putting on the IQ pac or Comfort harness II?

Positioning the straps is very important for proper fit and enjoyment. It is a simple process.

  1. Put the harness on (Easier with cylinders resting on a bench etc.)
  2. The Back section of the IQ Backpack should be up close to the divers neck and the Comfort
    Harness II backplate should be even with the divers shoulders
  3. Adjust the chest strap so it aligns the shoulder straps straight down. The bottom of the shoulder
    straps should end in the middle of the diver’s rib cage.
  4. Adjust the waist strap for individual comfort.
  5. Pull down and back on the shoulder strap adjustment (see FAQ B)

When you stand up the weight will be on your shoulders and the cylinder(s) will maintain this
position in the water. The waist strap position will allow for a weight belt, OMS weight pockets or a
DUI Weight & Trim system.

What size should I wear?

2015 Size Chart

The following sizing information is provided as guidelines. The Comfort Harness II Is extremely adjustable and many people can fit into more than one size.

oms harness size

How do I use double cylinders with the IQ Backpack?
The IQ Backpack is a sturdy harness that will support heavy cylinders. When working with dual cylinders there needs to be a point of contact for the bolt kits on a doubles configuration. A stainless steel or aluminum backplate will slide into the pocket of the IQ Backpack. The holes will align with the reinforced holes with grommets of the IQ Backpack. After placing and aligning the holes use the wing nuts to secure the double cylinders.
Do I need a Backplate in the IQ pac?

A backplate is not necessary in the IQ Backpack. Divers that prefer to use a single tank adapter are required to use a backplate for heavy cylinders (120 cu/ft). Traveling divers using lightweight (80 cu/ft) cylinders will not need a backplate.

This is also a personal preference. Divers preferring the comfort of the IQ Backpack and the rigidity of the plate may prefer this option.


I heard that DUI bought OMS?

Ocean Management Systems began over 25 years ago because Northeast wreck divers needed rugged equipment to match their demanding conditions. OMS made history with backplates, harnesses, multiple lift wings including bungee wings, Slipstream fins and more. The iconic red circle with the bright yellow tanks made its way around the world. OMS has always been synonymous with high quality, durability and performance.

But they pretty much disappeared after 2010.

Fast forward to present day. Diving Unlimited International, Inc. and Beyond the Shore Europa AG purchased Ocean Management Systems in August 2014 with the concept of providing dive retailers and consumers with:

High Quality Equipment: Rugged materials, excellent design, unique features

Exceptional Customer Support: Ample inventories, immediate delivery, and the DUI Support Team to be there for you

Competitive Prices: OMS products are priced to make selling easy!

What if I need service on an old OMS product?
We suggest you take your item to a local dive retailer for service.
Interested in being an OMS dealer?

Any dive retailer can be an OMS dealer

With multiple levels, any dive retailer can be an OMS dealer. You can

Bring in just a few items whenever you need them.

Be listed as an OMS dealer on the OMS website with a minimum purchase

Receive Premium Dealer Pricing by making OMS a major line in your store.

Complete the contact form and we will get right back to you. Or better yet, contact:

Pete Nawrocky
OMS Sales Manager

(619) 236-1203

Do you have any available spare parts?
We have spare parts for current products and some of the older products.   Everything is listed on the website and price list.
OMS BC and/or Light – serviced?

In North America

Bill Routh
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