OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – AirStream Evoque Regulators Sold in the USA Between February & June 2017 

 Release Date: June 14, 2017 

Diving Unlimited International, Inc. 

OMS – Ocean Management Systems 


If you purchased or are using an OMS AirStream Evoque acquired in the USA (pictured below) between February 1, 2017 and June 11, 2017, discontinue use immediately and contact an authorized retailer or DUI for a replacement unit or full refund (see contact information below). 

There is a potential problem with free-flowing compressed air that can rapidly empty the scuba cylinder, presenting a risk of drowning, while using the OMS AirStream Evoque regulators that Diving Unlimited International, Inc. distributes. DUI has learned of two instances where the diaphragm in the first stage of the Evoque has failed, resulting in a free-flow and loss of compressed air from the scuba cylinder. 

This recall applies only to AirStream Evoque Regulators distributed and sold in the United States during the above time frame. 

For more information contact: 

Robert Watts 800-325-8439 E-mail:


OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – Buoyancy Control System Overpressure Valve (OPV)

Announced November 17, 2001

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

OMS BC’s with the following serial numbers

( located on the WARNING LABEL ) :

  • OM1200000 – OM1200085
  • OM0101000 – OM0101229
  • OM0201000 – OM0201269
  • OM0301000 – OM0301159
  • OM0401085 – OM0401319
  • OM0501110 – OM0501509
  • OM0601125 – OM0601351

Molding variations in one component of the overpressure valve (OPV) used in the OMS Buoyancy Control Systems (BCS) could, in rare instances, prevent the OPV from sealing properly creating a potential drowning hazard. While this variation is not present in every OPV, we feel it may be difficult to determine in the field which OPVs are suspect. Please return the BCS overpressure valve to an authorized dealer for a free replacement OPV.

Suspect overpressure valves may have a RED pull.

New replacement OPV will have a BLACK pull.

If you require more information, call 800-325-8439 or 619-236-1203  by email 

How to Remove & Replace BC Overpressure Valve (OPV)

Note: there is a recall on some BC OPV’s. Check your serial #’s against the list above.

  1.  Remove original OPV from the BCS, by unscrewing the Cap counter clockwise. Remove the following parts: Seat, Seat Retainer, Springs, Cap and Pull Assembly
  2. Discard old parts: Seat, Seat Retainer, Springs, Cap and Pull Assembly
  3. Place the new Seat in the Seat Retainer
  4. Install new OPV assembly by screwing on to the base, rotating Cap clockwise. The OPV assembly should be tightened down snug
  5. Test by fully inflating BCS until OPV vents air
  6. Operate OPV three times by pulling on OPV Pull and venting air and releasing. The flow of air should stop when the Pull is released.
  7. Ensure OPV is sealing properly by performing a dry leak test for 2 minutes. (Fully inflate BCS then check in 2 minutes to see that it is still fully inflated)


Announced June 6, 2001

Attn: Dive stores and end users. This cap as shown is under recall. Please take this cap out of service immediately as it can non-passively fail if over torqued.

These caps will be replaced immediately at no charge by OMS upon receipt of the previous model V112 with a new “rounded cap”

The new “rounded” cap is to be hand tightened, and has a 6mm Hex head for measured torqueing purposes (110 inch lbs).

Old part
Replacement part

OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL: OMS announces recall of Surface Marker Buoys (SMB’S) and Lift Bags

Announced June 5, 2003

OMS LLC (OMS) of Middletown, NY, is recalling approximately (287) Surface Marker Buoys and (77) Lift Bags sold from March 03, 2003 to June 20, 2003 due to malfunctioning Overpressure (OPV) Valves. Molding variations in the male threaded component of the overpressure valve (OPV) used in both OMS Surface Marker buoys (SMB) and OMS Lift Bags, could cause the pull dump part (female threaded part) of the OPV to separate from the male threaded portion of the (OPV). This could cause deflation of the Surface Marker Buoy and lift bags.

Both the SMB’s and Lift bags are not personal flotation devices and OMS has not had any reports of injuries due to this malfunction.

It is very easy to determine what Surface Marker Buoys and Lift bags are suspect.

Per the below picture, the malfunctioning part is the male threaded part is clear in color and attached to the SMB or lift bag

If the male threaded part attached to your lift bag or SMB is black in color then it is good and is not affected!

good SMB OPV

Therefore, we are requiring that all affected Surface Marker Buoy’s and Lift Bags (only those with clear male threaded parts per Photo “Malfunctioning OPV”) be updated with new assemblies.

Item # Amount Affected Description    
BCA262 38 pcs Lift Bag 125 lb. lift    
BCA262-50 39 pcs Lift Bag 50 lb. lift    
BCA255 247 pcs SMB 50 lb. lift    
BCA268 40 pcs High Seas SMB 90 lb. lift    


All affected OMS Surface Marker Buoys (SMB’s) and Lift Bags that were sold by Authorized OMS dealers and OMS distributors from March 03, 2003, and are equipped with a CLEAR male threaded part (Picture “Malfunctioning OPV”) are considered to be malfunctioning and must be returned to OMS.

Consumers should stop using these units and contact OMS immediately at: 800-325-8439 or 619-236-1203  by email . OMS will repair or replace your SMB or Lift Bag at no charge.


OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL: 200 and 300 Bar Rotating Cross Bar Manifold 

Announced September 2004

All OMS rotating Cross Bar Manifolds as pictured are affected.

Undersized O-Rings installed on the cross bar of the 200 and 300 Bar Versions of the OMS Rotating Cross Bar Manifold could, in certain instances, cause a slow leak or an immediate loss of gas from the SCUBA Cylinders creating a potential drowning hazard. While this variation may not be present in every Manifold, we feel it may be difficult to determine in the field which Manifolds are suspect. If you have in your possession an OMS Rotating Cross Bar Manifold as pictured, please return it to an authorized dealer for refitting of O Rings. Suspect manifolds have a rotating cross bar with (3) O Rings per side as pictured.


Manifold Assembly
Rotating Cross Bar Manifolds


Valves can be returned to:

1148 Delevan Drive
San Diego, CA 92102

If you require more information, call 800-325-8439 or 619-236-1203  by email 


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