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OMS 7mm Hoods


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When diving, the deeper a diver goes the colder it generally gets and when you consider that 35% of heat loss is from the head area, it seems like this would be a place to make sure you are adequately-protected to ensure warmth and comfort. Our hoods are constructed out of neoprene that is 7mm thick insuring warmth and comfort, our hoods also have an added warm neck collar to allow layering with your drysuit for added thermal protection in colder environments. Our neoprene is also design to be extremely stretchy without sacrificing insulation to contour perfectly around your head for max comfort.

Part Numbers

240451 – OMS 7mm Hood, XS

240452 – OMS 7mm Hood, SM

240453 – OMS 7mm Hood, MD

240454 – OMS 7mm Hood, LG

240455 – OMS 7mm Hood, XL

240456 – OMS 7mm Hood, XXL

EAN Numbers

4251088226349 – Hood 7mm, XS

4251088226356 – Hood 7mm, SM

4,251,088,226,363 – Hood 7mm, MD

4,251,088,266,370 – Hood 7mm, LG

4,251,088,226,387 – Hood 7mm, XL

4,251,088,226,910 – Hood 7mm, XXL


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