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A crotch strap helps keep the harness in position. When swimming in a head down position, such as descending the anchor line, the crotch strap keeps cylinders from shifting towards the diver’s shoulders. This is especially beneficial when wearing double tanks. When the diver is on the surface the crotch strap keeps the harness from riding up the diver’s torso. Crotch straps are also utilized during scooter dives. The scooter harness is connected to a “D” ring on the front of the crotch strap. (DIR style) This technique is useful to reduce arm fatigue during long scooter dives.  Available in multiple widths and sizes. The 1 inch crotch strap has a fastex buckle included and the 2 inch uses a loop. If a 2” crotch strap is too wide and 1” is too thin, then 1.5” is JUST RIGHT!  This crotch strap includes a 2” scooter ring and a quick-disconnect Fastex® Clip. Fits Side Mount adapter plate and backplates.  It includes a triglide for easy installation.                                                             Questions on crotch straps?

Part Numbers

11518037 1 inch (2.5cm)

EAN Numbers

4,251,088,250,375 1 inch (2.5cm)


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