OMS scuba low pressure hose
OMS scuba low pressure hoseOMS scuba low pressure hose

Low Pressure Hoses UNF 3/8


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Product Description

Need a new hose or a different length? We have the hose for you. OMS has you covered with 6-different Hose Lengths of 22″, 24″, 31.5″, 39″, 59″, 83.5″. OMS Low Pressure (LP) Hoses have a durable braid with rubber jacket to extend their life. Hoses have corrosion resistant chrome plated brass fittings with a standard 3/8″ male threaded end for attachment to your first stage regulators LP port. Hose is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Part Numbers

28210601 LP Hose 22″ (56cm)

28210609 LP Hose 24″ (60cm)

28210607 LP Hose 31.5″ (80cm)

28210603 LP Hose 39″ (100cm)

28210611 LP Hose 59″ (150cm)

28210604 LP Hose 83.5″ (210cm)

EAN Numbers

4,251,088,212,434 LP Hose 22″ (56cm)

4,251,088,212,519 LP Hose 24″ (60cm)

4,251,088,212,496 LP Hose 31.5″ (80cm)

4,251,088,212,458 LP Hose 39″ (100cm)

4,251,088,212,533 LP Hose 59″ (150cm)

4,251,088,212,465 LP Hose 83.5″ (210cm)


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