OMS Zipseal Wrist (Silicone)

Wrist ZipSeal (Silicone)


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Product Description

ZipSeals will forever change the way you dive. Never miss a dive due to a torn neck or wrist seal. Even if you’re already on the boat, just zip on a new seal and you’re ready for your next adventure. You can also switch from ZipSeals to ZipGloves in a matter of minutes. ZipSeals were developed and rigorously tested to provide divers greater convenience and comfort.

The greatest plus for silicone is the impressive resistance to UV and ozone attack. Divers diving our Silicone ZipSeals report them to be more comfortable overall and for many provide a dryer seal on the wrist. Silicone is also ideal for people with latex allergies. The downside to silicone is that they can be more prone to tearing and punctures so care should be used when handling. The outside of the seals tend to gather more dirt as well.

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302278-  Silicone ZipSeal Wrist

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– Silicone ZipSeal Wrist


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